Whole30 days 9 and 10



  • slice of sweet potato crusted quiche from day 8


  • handful of roasted almonds


  • last bowl of that chicken and veggie noodle-less soup
  • 1/2 grapefruit

Afternoon snack:

  • plate of diced cucumbers, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds with a dash of sea salt



  • amazing. simply amazing. i plucked some basil and made pesto (using almonds. i tend to make pesto with whatever nut i have on hand.) to top the flounder. steamed cauliflower with about 1/4 cup bone broth, sea salt and some sauteed kale were thrown in the food processor to make cauliflower mash (tastes like mashed new potatos). and my favorite were the string beans seared on the stove top and drizzled with this amazing fig vinegar that my husband bought for us – the cherry tomatoes sweetened when cooked, too. it was delicious. 

if you ever get this vinegar or a balsamic with a fruit infused, you will never want any other dressing or marinade. this is a must.


i haven’t had a meal where i’ve wanted to lick my plate, in a long while. i refrained. but i wanted to.


it made my heart so happy to bless my children with such a colorful and nutritious plate. it is never lost on me just how blessed i am to extend such rich nutrients to my babies. for them, as it should be, it’s just every day life. but each time we sit down and i watch them eat life giving food, my insides smile. it’s the part of this stay-at-home-mom thing that i know i’m getting right. even on the nights when we battle to get them to take just one bite. even when i have to get up and walk out of the dining room because one of them is being so stubborn that the end-of-the-day-grumpies are setting in and i need to just breathe – even then i smile. because as i’m taking pictures, my 5 year old, while crunching on her apple asks, “why are you taking pictures of all of your food?” to which i explain, “some people need help seeing what healthy food looks like and how to make it or what to choose to eat.” and she cocks her head and says, “they don’t know that apples and vegetables are good for you?”

all part of training them up. i don’t get it all right. but this part, i’m getting.


DAY 10


  • an egg with pesto and a hand full of almonds (not the most well-rounded but today was more of a rush and go day)


  • i never had a solid lunch today. in fact, from about 11:00-2pm i pretty much just snacked on carrots, cucumbers, green peppers and almonds


  • i’m realizing that this meal is becoming a repeat. sorry. and yet i’m not. it’s kind of good to see what foods agree with my body, that are easy to make, and that i love the taste of. on a bed of leaves i placed sauteed kale and green peppers, scrambled eggs, avocado and a drizzle of that delicious fig vinegar. 



  • tonight i’m either going to snack on a bowl of frozen berries or half a grapefruit